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5 Humanist Celebrants in Devon and the Southwest

Are you thinking about hiring a Humanist Wedding Celebrant in Devon or the Southwest for your wedding? If so read on, this blog is all about what you need to think about when hiring a wedding celebrant here in Devon and the Southwest.

So what is a Humanist wedding? A humanist wedding is a non-religious ceremony that can pretty much take place anywhere. Although a humanist celebrant is yet to be able to perform the legal side of the wedding, they are able to help you make the ceremony much more relaxed and personal.  As a wedding photographer I much prefer a humanist ceremony, they are so friendly and really personal. This is because the celebrant will get to know the couple and create a ceremony that is personal to them. The ceremonies can still have the familiar rituals and vows but they can be personalised to suit your own requirements.

I love the passing of the rings part of the humanist ceremony, it is such a beautiful and inclusive part of the blessing. The tying of the knot is also another part of the ceremony that is joyous and very emotional. Of course it is up to you how you want your ceremony to progress, the rituals you would like, along with your choice in vows, music and readings. It really is up to you how formal or informal you would like your ceremony to be.

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If you are looking for a Humanist Celebrant in Devon, Somerset or the Southwest and beyond, check out 5 local wedding celebrants at the bottom of the page.

What is a wedding humanist celebrant?

A humanist celebrant conducts non religious/spiritual ceremonies. The humanist ceremony is an alternative wedding ceremony to religious and civil ceremonies and is conducted before or after the legal proceedings. So if you have opted to get legally married abroad but would still like to gather all your family and friends to celebrate your joining, hiring a celebrant is perfect. A humanist ceremony gives you the opportunity to create something that is completely unique and personal to you.

Booking your humanist celebrant.

The earlier you book your humanist celebrant the less likely it is that you will be disappointed. As soon as you have decided on how you want to proceed get on and book, it takes time to shape your ceremony. This goes for all of the wedding services you wish to include in your day. Make sure you book early to avoid disappointment. The process of creating a unique ceremony also takes some time so the more notice you give your celebrant the better. Six months to a year is perfect!

How does a wedding celebrant work?

Once you have settled on your wedding date and decided on the celebrant it is a good idea to meet up to go through your ideas. If you are unsure of what comes next your celebrant will guide you through some ideas and start to create a unique and tailored ceremony. The celebrant really wants to get to know you and work with you to create something totally unique. Ask for advice, your celebrant will be more than happy to help you.

Can we get married outdoors?

Absolutely! Getting married outdoors is perfect, especially on an English summer day. A humanist summer wedding ceremony in nature with the sounds of birds singing and the scent of the country or sea air is second to none in my experience. The beauty of a humanist ceremony is that it can take place almost anywhere, but it is always good to have a rainy day plan, especially here in England and more so in the Southwest. Working outside as a wedding photographer is great as it gives me the chance to move around and photograph from lots of different angles.

Can we write our own wedding vows

You are encouraged to do so. The celebrant really wants to help you create something that is very special to you both. Celebrants will have plenty of tips and suggestions in helping you shape your vows. You would think after photographing many different ceremonies I would be used to all this emotion but no, it gets me every time!  I find this part of the ceremony very emotional,  the couple have written something very personal and touching and are openly sharing their feelings. It’s a very emotional time.

Can we add personal touches?

Some of the personal touches you can add are particular rituals such as the tying of the knot, the warming of the rings or even jumping over a broom stick. It really is up to you. This is the beauty of a humanist wedding. It really is up to you what you would like to include in your ceremony. The tying of the knot is a favourite, the warming of the rings is lovely as it is fully inclusive but something unique to you could also be included. The above image with Gemma & Darren jumping over a broomstick was the final part of the wedding ceremony and officiated their union. It was fun personal touch that really suited the couple!

Is a humanist celebrant wedding ceremony legal?

Sadly not in England or Wales but in Northern Island and Scotland they are legally recognised. I really hope our celebrants will be able to conduct the legal side of the wedding ceremony in the future but there is opposition to the idea.  We live in a liberal society where freedom of choice really matters. I love a humanist ceremony as it captures all the love, closeness and bonding of family and friends but more importantly gives couples a choice. We just need legislation to be passed to simplify.

It is always nice to give a shout out to other local wedding suppliers. Please check out 5 fantastic local Humanist Celebrants in Devon and Somerset. They are all happy to travel in and around Devon and the whole of the Southwest and beyond.

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