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Planning for all aspects of your wedding day is very important. You want it all to come together into a glorious vision you will never forget. Choosing a wedding florist is one of the most important tasks for planning any wedding. Choosing an experienced florist that can help you plan how to use and decorate your space is really important in achieving your dream look. There are many things to consider when hiring a wedding florist, such as, can they work with your budget, have they worked at your venue before, or can they produce a style of wedding flowers that will suit the theme of your wedding? There are many things to consider and hopefully some of your questions will be answered below. Here in North Devon we have some wonderful wedding suppliers that help make your wedding day perfect. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find 5 wedding florists in North Devon.

I have been lucky enough to work with some wonderful wedding florists here in North Devon. I recently worked with Heather from Church Park Flowers on a styled shoot at Moreton House Wedding Venue in North Devon which was picked up and published by The English Wedding Blog. Check it out by following: Moreton House Styled Shoot.

Heather has also provided some invaluable advice for brides within this post so please read on.

bride with flower arrangement
Above image – Flower arrangement by Church Park Flowers

Preparing Your Own Wedding flowers

Flower arrangement really is a creative process so unless you are super creative and have the time, I would leave it to the professionals. An experienced florist will be able to advise you on what you need, and how to fill your space. It may appear to be cheaper to do it yourself but imagine if you were unable to get a particular flower last minute! Would you be able to react to the change and find a replacement. A florist would have a backup and would be able to adjust and change without too much hassle and upset. By hiring a florist you are taking the stress out of your wedding day planning.

bride and groom

Wedding Florist Budget

Planning your budget for all aspects of your wedding day is always a good idea and no doubt you have this well under control. Talk to your florist about your budget and what look and style you hope to achieve. Choosing in season flowers will certainly help to maintain your budget and give you more flowers. If you do have a limited budget talk to your florist. Your wedding florist will be able to suggest similar options or suggest a cheaper seasonal alternative that will still have the wow factor. Many of the weddings I attend the flowers are re-used in different settings as your wedding day unfolds. For example the flowers that are used at the ceremony are transferred over to the venue and used within the wedding breakfast as center pieces or room decoration. Silk flowers can also look great and can be a cheaper alternative! I have struggled to tell the difference in the past. To help your wedding florist budget go a little further you may be able to save with a combination of silk and real flowers.

The over riding piece of advice I came across time and time again when researching for this post was not to economise on the bouquet. The bouquet has such an important role to play on your wedding day. Many brides personalise the bouquet with jewellery and lockets to represent the family or a passed family member.

I very much favour a natural looking bouquet and champion British and seasonal flowers wherever possible. That way the bouquet will automatically “fit in” with its surroundings and won’t look too staged. Surely that’s what every bride should look for”.  – Heather, Church Park Flowers 

bride and groom walking down the aisle holding wedding bouquet aloft

Wedding Florists Portfolio

There are many florists out there to choose from in Devon. Each and everyone of them bringing something different and unique to offer. When choosing your florist look at their portfolio and ask yourself if they are able to produce the style you require.  Look beyond the front page images and delve into the portfolio of arrangements they have done for different brides and venues. Even better if they have already worked at your venue, as you will be able to see how they have responded to the space.

Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Seasonal wedding flowers are always best. They are fresh, cheaper and look fantastic when complimenting the season.  Seasonal flowers look great in your wedding photographs as they really reflect the time of the year you have chosen to get married. A lot of the UK’s favourite flowers are in season from May through to July. Peonies are a firm favourite and are perfect for an English summer wedding. Have a chat with your florist about what seasonal flowers are available for the time of the year when you are getting married.

Wedding Theme

The theme of your wedding will inform the style of wedding flowers that will suit. There are many different flowers that will suit different themes, but not all flowers suit your chosen theme. This is a really important part of planning and styling your wedding day and venue. You really want to get this right so everything works together.  If you are going for a classic theme you need to make sure you choose the correct flowers that illustrate your style. The same goes for rustic, chic, shabby or vintage. It all has to work in perfect harmony. This is really when a florists experience shines through as they will be able to advise and suggest the best combinations to use.

Another point when choosing your wedding flowers is how are they going to fit in with everything else. For example a classic three tiered wedding cake will not necessarily fit in with a rustic theme. This goes to show the importance of planning your day and hiring the correct suppliers.

“I don’t necessarily expect the bride to know the names of all flowers we may use. Quite often they suggest and request but also it can be an image of something they’ve seen and liked. It’s my job to dig deeper and find out more about the wedding as a whole. Is it a relaxed rustic affair or a more elegant hotel based wedding. Will it take place outdoors, near the sea or in a dark cavernous church. These factors can also influence the flowers chosen”. – Heather,  Church Park Flowers


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bride and groom walking in summer garden

Booking Your North Devon Wedding Florist

Although most florists may be able to help you 4 to 6 weeks before your wedding it is best to book your florist well in advance of your wedding date. You really want to think about booking your favourite wedding florist at least 6 months to a year before your wedding date to avoid disappointment. Giving your florist plenty of notice not only gives you plenty of time to resolve any issues but also allows you a bit of breathing space to really explore your requirements.

I will leave the last word to Heather.

Finally, as flowers evoke such memories we mustn’t forget the inclusion of flowers that remind you of other weddings or occasions gone by. Peonies and lily of the valley are so often requested as they were in their grandmothers or mothers wedding bouquets. And whatever blooms make the final cut – just think – they could also feature in your children’s or grandchildren’s wedding of the future”. – Heather – Church Park Flowers.

So there you have it, a few things to think about when looking to hire a wedding florist. Thank you to Heather for the great advice. Getting married is a wonderful thing and a day to remember. It is one of the most important days of your life, enjoy every minute of planning and collating all the ideas and themes together and finding those special talented wedding suppliers to help fulfil your dreams.


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