The Best Wedding Bands in Devon and the Southwest

How to choose your wedding band

Here in Devon and the Southwest we have some fantastic energetic wedding bands that will really blow the roof off at your wedding. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to view 10 of the Southwests most energetic party starting wedding bands.

Like anything good, services go quickly and it’s no different for good wedding bands. Every good party relies on two things, great music and fantastic guests. Get the combination right and your party will rock. I love a wedding party when all goes to plan. The guest are up, even granny, and are stonking to the great tunes. For me as a wedding photographer it’s great! Happy guests on the dancefloor throwing all inhibitions to the wind and really letting their hair down make for memorable photos and memories.

Music plays an important role in creating the perfect ambiance for a wedding. Therefore, hiring a band for your wedding is not as easy as it may sound. The right band will make your day, but the wrong band and your dance floor is empty.  But don’t worry I have put together a few tips of things that you should think about before hiring a band for your wedding. Check out a few tips below.

Do I need to plan early when hiring a wedding band?

Most people book their bands in advance as they want to avoid disappointment. If you find one you like or have your heart set on a particular band, get in and book.

As soon as your date is set, venue booked and photographer retained start searching for the band. The earlier the better!  It’s also a good idea to have a contract in place to protect both sides. There are some great bands from Folk through to Jazz, Rock to the Britpop sound, all offering a good combination of dance floor fillers that will get your guests boogying. It really is worth putting in the effort and finding a band that will create that party atmosphere. If you leave it to the last minute or you don’t put the effort in you could easily end up with an empty dancefloor.

Considering your wedding budget

If you want a great contemporary band full of energy to entertain and keep your dance floor full you will need to set aside the correct budget. A good band can demand high prices so be realistic!    Weddings can be expensive. Everything, starting from the dress all the way to the cake and flowers add up. Before selecting your band, finalise your budget and plan accordingly.

Wedding Bands in Devon

Choosing a band that caters for my musical taste

Some bands specialise in specific genres so make sure you cater for your tastes. Don’t hire a loud energetic band if you want a low key chilled out sound. If you have a mixed age group you may want to hire a band that can play sounds from across the ages. A good contemporary band play classic sounds from any decade which will ensure a full dance floor. As a wedding photographer I want to hear your wedding band pumping out timeless music that your family and friends find unable to resist. When quiet uncle Bob gets up on the dancefloor you know you’ve cracked it.

When deciding on a band check out their back catalogue, the style of music they prefer to play and have a listen. You will soon know if you like what you’re hearing or not.   Check out their live videos as well to make sure it’s the look you are after.  If you are planning a themed wedding you want to make sure the band fits in. Hiring a band for a wedding can be a tiring job. But if you do the job right, the outcome will be worth it. The right music band will not only make your wedding, but it will also bring great vibes to the entire event and will surely put a smile on everyone’s face.

I asked Over the Threshold, a wedding band based here in Devon, for their top tip.

“Watch some live footage before booking the band. Check out how the band interact on stage so you get a full understanding of the band you are hiring, and what you will receive on the night of your wedding”.  – Over the Threshold. 

A great tip! I worked with the band on my last wedding of 2019 and they blew the roof off! Everyone was having a great time on the dancefloor. Check it out by following: Anran in Devon. You can also go and look at the bands website by following the link at the bottom of the page.

Devon Wedding Entertainment

Try visualising your wedding band

Consider what the dance floor looks like at your wedding. Then consider the band playing. Check the lighting, as well as the sound of the music. Is the band playing the right playlist? Is it the right genre to dance to? You will need a band whose sound and presence aligns with what you desire. You want a great party that ensures everyone gets up on the dance floor. If your guests need a bit of encouragement, get up on the dance floor. I’ve seen this time and time again. The bride and groom boogying or even just the bride on the dancefloor influences the guests to get up and join in.

While researching your wedding band you will need to think about the actual space they will need play in. A small dance floor may struggle to hold a full band.

Will the wedding band play the first dance?

You will need to consider when you want the band to start playing music. Do you want the band to play your first dance? This will be something you will need to discuss with the band as your song may not be in their repertoire. Most bands will have a collection of popular first dance songs that they perform at each wedding. If your first dance is not in their repertoire talk to the band. If you have booked well in advance they may be able to learn your song ready for your first dance.

So your band is unable to play your first dance for whatever reason, don’t be too disappointed. You have two choices at this point. You can look through the bands play list and choose an alternative or hire a sound system or disco to play your first dance. Many couples opt for the option of a disco/sound system for the first dance but also as a filler for the points in the day when there are some lulls or when the band is having a break.

Where can I find the best local wedding bands?

Look no further! We are lucky here in Devon and the Southwest as there are some great wedding bands that will help kick your party atmosphere into the stratosphere. Check out 10 of the best wedding bands based here in the Southwest by following the links below.  Some have blown the roof off a few weddings and events I have attended.

Any questions please ask. All the best and who knows, I may see you on a dancefloor sometime soon.

Wedding Bands in Devon and the Southwest

Over the Threshold offer a repertoire of classic dance floor hits that will get your party buzzing. The play high energy chart hits spanning the last 70 years, so expect to hear Bruno Mars, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Oasis and much more. I did a wedding with these guys and they really got the party going. It was high energy –

Keiko Rise spans genre and time, combining an entertaining indie-pop sound with a high energy performance. Expect to hear anything The Foo Fighters to Olly Murs –

Laurels are an Indie wedding & party band performing the best of folk, pop, rock & indie. The band can either be an indie-rock vibe, performing songs by bands such as Biffy Clyro, The Killers & Kings Of Leon, or they can be an indie-folk vibe, performing songs by bands such as Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers & Vance Joy  –

Mafia 4 are a real cool Funky 4 piece band that will get you dancing to their grooves. If you want some funky grooves these are the guys! –

Ride The Fire are an energetic rock and pop band that will cover songs from BB King, Chuck Berry and through the decades up to current sounds. A band to please every generation –

Bill Ding & The Skyscrapers take you through a medley of Pop, Funk and Rock classics. Well worth checking out! –

The Rasscals perform a wide range of covers spanning the decades so expect to hear, Stevie Wonder, Hot Chocolate, Daft Punk, Mark Ronson and Stereophonics to name a few –

New Daze are a cool and contemporary folk/pop duo that play energetic and fun classics such as, Cotton Eyed Joe, Miss You, Stand By Me and Black Betty –

The Shrine indie rock & party covers band covering tracks from The Kings of Leon, The Chilly’s, The Killers, The Beatles and dozens more top bands. –

Freshly Squeezed offer Funk & Hiphop covering popular classic tunes and rare grooves with their unmistakable fresh take –

Oggle Band are a lively and entertaining ceilidh band. If you are looking for high energy and guest participation with lively jigs and reels check them out –


Now that you have found your wedding band you will need to think about some of the other services you may need, such as, Cake Makers, Wedding Florists, Wedding Humanist Celebrants etc. For a fuller explanation of how to plan you wedding and what you need to think about please check out the article, How To Plan your Wedding.

All the best – Anthony



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