Pre-Wedding Shoot at Killerton House, Devon

It was really nice to meet up with Ann-Marie & Alex for a pre-wedding photography shoot in the grounds of Killerton House in Devon. As with a lot of couples the shoot is a way to introduce being photographed, so come the big day they can forget all about me and just concentrate on enjoying the wedding. As always the day is a chilled out affair. The idea is to get the couple interacting in a very natural way. Occasionally I may suggest a pose but I much prefer to allow the couple to just be themselves. Ann-Marie and Alex were very natural and soon got into the swing of it.  We walked around an orchard and then walked up into the Killerton estate grounds.

Devon pre-wedding shoot

I really enjoyed photographing the couple and as always I throw myself in to the shoot with much gusto. I really love the results from this shoot. I forget sometimes and take it for granted that this is a normal occurrence but it really is not. Having your photo taken can be very nerve raking for many couples but ironically this is why a pre-wedding shoot is such a good idea. I have written a guide all about why pre-wedding shoots can help you relax in preparation for the big day. Please check it out by follow: Pre-wedding shoot in Devon

Ann-Marie & Alex really relaxed into the shoot and it was a lot of fun to meet up with them both. I am really looking forward to their wedding a little later in the year.

Talk soon Anthony

“Alex and I would like to thank you for the beautiful photos you took of us a few weeks ago. They are absolutely spectacular and we love them all! I am having trouble deciding which ones to print off as they are all so wonderful”!  – Ann-Marie & Alex

Thanks for the great feedback!

* Update! The wedding has how taken place to view please follow: Hartnoll Hotel Wedding

Love this pre-shoot! We had a lot of fun. If you would like to meet up for a chat and a coffee and talk over your wedding plans please contact me by following the link below:

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