Documentary Devon Wedding Photographer

So, my approach is very simple. I am a documentary wedding photographer based in Devon. I capture your day as it unfolds. I love to capture those moments between your guests. The story I am capturing is your story. It is not made up. It is real. I photograph many different aspects of the day. I am observing small interactions, fun moments and lots of emotion between the newly-weds, family and friends. Your wedding is about you celebrating one of the most important days of your life with the people you most care about.

I have have been lucky enough to have my work published and I have won a few awards that I am very proud of. To find out more please follow: Published & Featured

Natural Unobtrusive Wedding Photography

Its so nice to watch and record the story unfolding naturally rather than artificially creating something. While I am writing this sentence, I am thinking of the rings arranged on the bouquet or in the best-mans hand. I don’t enjoy doing these images. It’s much better to let things happen naturally, such as the capturing the rings when the best-man hands them over during the ceremony or the ring exchange. This goes for a lot of the other more cliched shots.

Unposed Wedding Photography

The couple shots are a lovely part of the day to take a little time out to catch your breath. The shots usually take between 15 – 30 minutes. This is a time for you to get together and enjoy the moments. I will not direct you. So will not ask you to stare into each other’s eyes or pose you into a cheesy stance nor will I set up lighting equipment. It’s all about the natural, authentic moment. The posing, and lighting all distract and take up precious time. If I pose you, you will remember the moment as me posing you and not an authentic moment between yourselves. This is why I work the way I do. I want you to look at the picture and not think about anything other than the moment. For an example please follow: Streamcombe Farm Somerset Wedding Photographer

I Love To Capture The Guests

There are lots of small moments throughout the day that I just love to observe. It is these shots that I really love and look back on time and time again and get an enormous amount of pleasure. They are mostly not the obvious but important to the story of your day.

Every Moment Is An Opportunity

I love this shot of the chap on the end showing off his leg. A very mundane moment. But I love it! The others on the bales look on with varying amount of interest. The shot was taken right in the middle of the day, there was a bit of a lull and the guests were milling about. It is at theses point in the day when little gems like this can be captured.

With the shot below the guests were all sat in the marquee for the wedding breakfast. The kids were far more interested in the toy aeroplanes given to entertain the children. I am usually having a break while the eating takes place but I just happened to spot the kids playing outside so I grabbed the camera.

The Dance Floor

I love the first-dance because it is the time when the couple can relax and start to really enjoy the party. After the first dance the guests get on the dance floor and start to party! It’s such a great time to capture. I love it!

 I hope you enjoyed looking at the images and finding out how I like to photograph weddings. If you have any questions please feel free to check out the FAQ page. If there is a question  I have not covered please feel free to ask. I have also won a few awards for my reportage wedding photography. To view my awards page please follow: Documentary wedding photographer

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