Wedding at Lewtrenchard Manor, Devon – Jo & Matt’s

Had a great time photographing Jo and Matts wedding at Lewtrenchard Manor.  Jo & Matt were both getting ready at the Manor so we were able to get some lovely getting ready shots of the bride & groom.  The ceremony was really nice and was full to the brim with family and friends.  There was no room to move.  After the ceremony the newly weds chilled in the court-yard with pimms before moving to the front of the building for some group-shots.  It was nice to walk round the grounds capturing some beautiful bride & group shots.  After the speeches and wedding breakfast the party chilled out in the glorious sunshine for the rest of the afternoon before heading off to the evening reception, held in a Marquee at Matt’s parents home.

We had a great time photographing your lovely wedding and thanks for making us feel welcome.  Enjoy your honeymoon to the Galapagos Islands.

Talk to you soon.



If you are getting married at Lewtrenchard Manor in Devon and would like me to photograph your wedding please do not hesitate to contact me



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