Cotehele House Wedding Photographer in Cornwall

Had a fabulous time photographing the wedding of Rachael & James.  It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a wedding.  I first met up with James and groomsmen at their home in Tavistock, Devon before travelling a mile or so up the road to Rachael’s parents home.  I got some lovely shots of Rachael getting ready along side sister Fizz, and close friends. The ceremony was beautiful and was held at lovely St Andrews Church in Tavistock.  It was also  great to see the vicar get his camera out while the ceremony proceeded. After the ceremony we headed over the border to the beautiful National Trust property, Cotehele House in Cornwall.  When we arrived we spent a little time taking some lovely couple shots,  as the gardens and grounds are really beautiful.

After the group shots the guests settled down to the wedding breakfast and speeches.  The speeches provided much amusement, especially the best-mans.  James spent most of the best-mans speech with his head in his hands.  After the meal the guests chilled out in the gardens and played a little croquet.

It was really nice to see a first dance with a difference. For the first dance the couple decided on a caylee/barn dance.  It was a lot of fun to capture.

Had a great time photographing this fun wedding and we got a wealth of lovely images. Thanks for choosing me to be your wedding photographer, it was a pleasure.  Thanks for the food it was very much appreciated.

Talk to you soon. Anthony


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