Rebecca & Dave – Combe House Wedding in Devon.

It was lovely to meet up with Rebecca & Dave for their wedding at the stunning country Combe House in Gittisham, Devon.  The wedding party met up in the beautiful Linen Suite before the ceremony and later sat down to their wedding breakfast in the lovely Georgian Kitchen.  The wedding was a little different as the bride & groom both walked down to the ceremony together and there was only four guests, Rebecca & Dave’s parents.  There was still plenty to capture as there was a lot of laughter and as the champagne flowed, there was also a bit of abuse aimed at the photographer!!! It was all a lot of fun.  After the rain stopped we were able to get some lovely shots outside in the grounds.

It was great to meet up with you all.  I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day and your honeymoon in Cyprus.

Talk to you soon.


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