The Best Wedding Venues in Devon

Devon is such a wonderful county to get married in. The trouble is Devon is a big county with many beautiful venues. I don’t envy the fact you have to narrow it down.  As a Devon wedding photographer I get to travel across the county with some areas of  Devon taking a good two hours to reach!

It’s great you have decided to come to Devon to get married but finding the right venue for you is a big task. There are many factors you will need to consider and narrow down before the search can really begin. You will need to know if you want to hire a venue that can provide rooms for your guests or at least have accommodation near by. You will also need to make sure you hire a venue that is big enough and comfortable enough to fit all your guests. Do you want a venue that allows you to put you own stamp on it? You may be looking for the opposite and seeking a venue that does everything for you so you don’t need to worry about anything and just leave it to the venues wedding planner. Most venues offer a mixture of DIY and a wedding planning service. If you are looking for complete control there are a few venues across the county that offer that too.

As already stated Devon is a big county  and to fit them all onto one page would mean a page of  mammoth proportions, so I have had to break the page up into North Devon, Devon, and South Devon. This is a work in progress so please keep an eye open for any updates. The North Devon page is already complete and as it happens it’s my favourite area of Devon and where I am lucky enough to live. If you are looking for a wedding venue in North Devon please follow: North Devon Wedding Venues. 

This page concentrates on venues in Mid-Devon and as as far south as Kingsbridge in the South Hams. I will be looking to complete another page for venues further south towards Plymouth and Tor Point soon. Please watch this space.

Beautiful Devon

There are some dramatic coastlines as well as beautiful stretches of golden sand beaches, Devon is a beautiful location to hold a wedding. The countryside is beautiful, rugged and impressive. Dartmoor is perhaps the most dramatic with its Tors and rugged landscape but don’t forget Exmoor. Exmoor has a beauty of its own with the moor stretching across two counties from North Devon into Somerset. There are wedding venues on the edge of the moor or close to the moors for you to take advantage of. One such beautiful venue close to Dartmoor is Anran, a beautifully relaxed wedding venue that is designed to give you a free reign  to create a wedding that suits your needs. If you are looking to Exmoor please follow: Somerset Wedding Venues and check out the beautiful wedding at Streamcombe Farm near Dulverton.

I hope you find this list of venues helpful and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Anthony Lyons is a Devon wedding photographer based in North Devon. Anthony provides a documentary style of wedding photography. If you would like to find out more about the way Anthony works please follow: Documentary Wedding Photographer or if you would like Anthony to capture your wedding in Devon please do not hesitate to contact him by completing the form below.