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Tintype wedding photography in Devon

I am really excited to team up with wet-plate photographer Stephen Raff to offer you a unique and alternative wedding photography experience.  Wet-plate photography is such an exciting process. There is nothing quite like seeing the image develop on a sheet of glass or tin in front of your eyes, it’s a WOW moment! We would love to work with you and create an ambrotype or tintype for you to own and cherish.

Wet plate wedding images

So what is wet-plate photography? Its an early photographic process dating back to the mid 19th century, 1851 to be exact. This is right at the beginning of the invention of photography! Unlike the ease of digital photography today the wet-plate process was cumbersome, a little messy, slow, and involved some pretty dangerous chemicals. The early photographers had to take their darkroom with them when shooting on location or everything was based in the studio.

wetplate photograph of bride and groom with vintage carwetplate photo of bride and groomWet-plate photography is certainly enjoying a renaissance and I can see why.  The results are amazing. It was also this process where you would see the sitters clamped in to stop them moving during the exposure. We are not going to clamp you, but we do sometimes use a headrest and you do need to remain still as the exposure can be up to a few seconds. Sometimes the image can show a little bit of movement and imperfections but it all adds to the atmosphere and uniqueness.

Alternative wedding photographers

The process is pretty amazing to watch too. There is a lot of skill in learning this craft and I still find it absolutely fascinating to watch. Most of the feedback we get is about being involved and watching the theatre of the process unfold. The most magical aspect of the wet plate process is when the image first appears on the plate. It really is an amazing moment. The image above was taken from a weddings I did on Dartmoor and at  Hestercombe House in Somerset. We basically took a photograph of a photograph but this image really encapsulates how well wedding photography works with wet plate. To learn a little more about how the above images were made and the wet-plate process works please check out Stephen Raff preparing and developing a wet-plate in the video below.

Would you like one of these unique images? We are not suggesting you swap your wedding photographer for a wet plate photographer. That just wouldn’t work. It’s more of an addition. We would arrive on the day, set up, and take a few images. Or if you prefer you can book us to do wedding photography plus the wet-plate experience.

What is so beautiful about the tintypes/ambrotypes? For me every time I look at a plate I feel and appreciate the history of photography. We can still find images taken over a hundred and fifty years ago in antique fairs or markets. It’s amazing to think that we can do the same process and produce an image that would last for hundreds of years. It just blows my mind.

Wet-plate wedding photographers in Devon

We are so excited by this process and we can not wait to pass this excitement on to you. Each tintype is unique and handcrafted in front of your eyes. It you would like to learn more about how you can hire us to come and capture a tintype for you please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Please complete the form below. Cheers Anthony & Raff

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