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Hello! I am Anthony and I am a documentary wedding photographer here in Devon.

I am interested in the love, real, fun and emotion of your wedding. As a document wedding photographer I like to fearlessly photograph your day as it happens and spend time capturing the moments that matter. If you agree please get in touch because we are on the same page.

So why am I a wedding photographer? Why do I love it so much? I will tell you. I love street photography. It really gets my blood pumping and not only because I love people watching, but it’s exciting, nerve racking and frightening all at the same time. It really makes you feel alive.  Anyhow where else can I do this type of photography and get permission to do it. That’s right! You’ve got it in one. Weddings. I am able to people watch and capture it all without anyone blinking an eye. Ha! Fantastic! Love it!

I live in North Devon with my wife, daughter and Timmy our Labrador. We love to take him up on Exmoor for long walks although like every Lab he will eat anything, and I mean anything. He is pretty much controlled by his belly and will do anything for a sausage. I moved to Devon from the midlands in 2000 to study photography at Uni but also to be near the surf, although I surfed more before I moved to Devon. It seemed the closer I got to the sea the less surfing I did. Tragic really! I still have my board and it’s ready to go!



No Cheese. Just Real Moments! 

I captured my first wedding in 2002 but did not really enjoy it too much. It was all a little static! There was no movement and I worked to a shot-list. Very boring. Fast-forward a number of years, multiple jobs and child rearing I felt ready to give it another go. I helped out at a wedding and POW I was under the spell. There is so much more movement and bucket loads of creativity. There are so many styles out there. There is something for everyone. I am now solely a documentary wedding photographer. I capture your day as I see it, honest and real. Would you like to see and read more about my approach? Please follow link: Devon documentary wedding photographer.

Like a lot of couples I am not a fan of being in front of the camera and much prefer to be exactly where I am. We can all feel a little ridiculous when asked to look at the camera. For some reason we freeze and put that gurney face on! This is why natural unposed photography works so well. All you have to do is be yourself, enjoy your day and I will do the rest! Why not give it ago!?

I have been lucky enough to have my work feature in print publications and online blogs and magazines. I have worked with Southwest Bride, Exeter Living, The Wedding Community Blog, Boho Weddings, Your Perfect Wedding Photographer, The English Wedding Blog, Bridehour and Daydreaming Bride to name a few. Please check out: Published & Featured to view. I have also been fortunate to win an awards with This Is Reportage & WPJA to find out more check out my awards page: Wedding Photography Awards

I was very excited to have been recently invited by Shotkit to talk about the equipment I use. I have been following Shotkit for some time so its an absolute honour to be amongst some world class photographers. Checkout the article by following: Here’s my gear on Shotkit

If you are looking for a wedding photographer that’s not going to boss you around, take you away from your guests for hours or pose shots then I am the wedding photographer for you. Please get in touch I would love to talk to you.

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