Engagement Shoot with Katie & Sam

Lovely to meet up with Katie & Sam recently, close to Katie’s parents home in rural Devon. It’s always great to get out in the Devon countryside for some photography. We took a quick walk in the local area taking in the beautiful countryside before finishing in Katie’s parents garden. Spring had sprung, and the weather was beautiful with a clear blue sky and no clouds in sight. The couple settled into the photo shoot really well and enjoyed it, but found some of my instructions a little bizarre. All part of the fun! I hope you enjoy the images.

Really looking forward to being wedding photographer for their big day at Loyton lodge soon.





Katie_Sam_pre-wedding_shoot-1 Katie_Sam_pre-wedding_shoot-2 Katie_Sam_pre-wedding_shoot-3 Katie_Sam_pre-wedding_shoot-4 Katie_Sam_pre-wedding_shoot-5 Katie_Sam_pre-wedding_shoot-6 Katie_Sam_pre-wedding_shoot-7 Katie_Sam_pre-wedding_shoot-8 Katie_Sam_pre-wedding_shoot-9 Katie_Sam_pre-wedding_shoot-10 Katie_Sam_pre-wedding_shoot-11 Katie_Sam_pre-wedding_shoot-12 Katie_Sam_pre-wedding_shoot-13 Katie_Sam_pre-wedding_shoot-14 Katie_Sam_pre-wedding_shoot-15 Katie_Sam_pre-wedding_shoot-16 Katie_Sam_pre-wedding_shoot-17 Katie_Sam_pre-wedding_shoot-18


Looking for a wedding photographer in Devon? Please do not hesitate to contact us.



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