Exeter Pre-Wedding Shoot – Michelle & John

Great to meet up with Michelle & John for a pre-wedding shoot in Exeter. The weather was forecast to be awful, I even tried to re-arrange the date, but come the day the sun came out and the coats came off.    The couple had traveled down from Leicester the day before and we arranged to meet up at  Northernhay Gardens. We started off in the gardens before moving on to Rougemont Castle. The couple were really relaxed and enjoyed walking the castle grounds. It also became a bit of a guided tour!  It was an enjoyable shoot and it was fun to find some different locations and try out ideas. The couple were happy to move on to more populated areas so we headed down Gandy Street and over towards Exeter cathedral where we finished the shoot. It was a lot of fun and made all the better because of the marvelous weather. Really looking forward to their wedding later this year. Anthony


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Looking to get married in Exeter and would like us to be your wedding photographers. Please do not hesitate to contact us. I look forward to talking to you soon.



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