Tiverton Balloon & Music Festival.

This years Tiverton Balloon & Music Festival was the best so far.  The weather was very hot so we spent most of our time seeking out the shade, thankfully there was plenty of cider on offer to keep the thirst away.  The guy with the hosepipe proved to be popular with the over heated  crowd.  The spectacle of the balloon ascent was impressive, as were the music acts, just a shame the second stage was out of the way.  Looking forward to next year’s festival.


Anthony Lyons photographertiverton photographerAnthony Lyons photographercut capers, Tiverton Balloon FestivalCut Capers, Anthony Lyons PhotographyCut Capers, Anthony Lyons PhotographerAnthony Lyons PhotographerCut CapersCut capers, Anthony Lyons PhotographerTiverton Balloon Festival




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