Exeter, Devon Street Photography

I recently went out to do a bit of street photography, just before Christmas into Exeter City center, the Christmas market was also on the Cathedral green.  I had a great time moving up and down the street with a 50mm lens attached to my camera, looking out for moments and people of interest.  I really enjoy direct contact, through the camera, with a subject.  The results can sometimes be confrontational, which can be difficult to deal with but it makes the image more interesting.  This contact is an aspect of portrait photography that has really captured my interest.   As a photography student I use to take out a Mamiya RB67, attach it to a tripod and stop random strangers for a photograph.  The images were then enlarged to 20 X 24 inch, I will post some of the results on here soon.  In some ways street photography, for me, is an exploration into portrait photography.  I am always looking for something that isolates the subject and creates an interesting exchange, as well as, moments of interest that tell a story.



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It was interesting to observe the child singing in the street, which drew a large crowd, the money just poured into the case.  His brother was sat down on the bench watching while their father, standing next to the closed up shop, kept a close eye.


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I will be posting some images taken at the Cathedral green Christmas fayre soon.



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