Bristol Engagement Photography Shoot – Lauren & Barry

For Barry & Lauren’s pre-wedding shoot we arranged to meet up in Bristol. Lauren was heavily pregnant, about eight months I think. She may even have given birth by the time this blog goes out. Congratulations if that is so.

UPDATE: It’s a girl!

We met up in Clifton and headed over to the bridge, a great area for photography and a popular place for tourists. We explored a little of Clifton taking shots as we went along; a beautiful area. The couple also wanted to head over to an area of the city where they used to go nightclubbing and where the walls are covered in graffiti in a multitude of colours and designs; all very impressive!

It was a very enjoyable shoot and I enjoyed every moment.  I will look forward to their wedding next year in Devon.

Talk to you soon. Anthony

If you would like to see the couple’s wedding please follow link: Wedding Photographer Exmouth

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