Maasai Warriors at The Oak Room in Tiverton, Devon.

The Oak Room art centre in Tiverton had a great event on recently that was not to be missed. I took my daughter along to meet the Maasai Warriors, learn a bit about their culture and way of life.  The warriors sang and danced some traditional songs and performed the jumping dance, it was really quite special as this was something that we only ever experience on TV. My daughter was transfixed and enjoyed every moment.  A great event with a backdrop of local Maasai Warrior artwork and held in Tiverton!!

Maasai_Warriors_-1 Maasai_Warriors_-2 Maasai_Warriors_-3 Maasai_Warriors_-4 Maasai_Warriors_-5 Maasai_Warriors_-6 Maasai_Warriors_-7 Maasai_Warriors_-8 Maasai_Warriors_-9 Maasai_Warriors_-11 Maasai_Warriors_-12 Maasai_Warriors_-13

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