Loyton Lodge Wedding, Devon – Sarah & Lawrence

It was great to return to Loyton Lodge near Tiverton in Devon to provide the wedding photography for Sarah & Lawrence. As the guests arrived the weather eased from torrential to just a light down pour but this did not dampen the spirits. Lawrence was pretty relaxed and excited as he greeted family and friends arriving for the 3pm ceremony. Sarah was led down the aisle by her proud looking son to the waiting groom. The ceremony was lovely with some readings and a bit of laughter. After the register was signed and certificates passed over, the congregation were treated to some music from the Jazz band on the mezzanine.

Everyone moved into the lounge to chill out, have some drinks and laughs. It was lovely to see everyone having a great time and a good laugh to a backdrop of some great music. I was only with them for a few hours and it was soon time to go, but not before grabbing a shot of the famous guest……. “You talking to me”!

Thank you for choosing me to be your wedding photographer. Talk to you soon.


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If  you are getting married at Loyton Lodge in Devon and would like us to be your wedding photographers please do not hesitate to contact us



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