Wedding at Loyton Lodge in Devon – Miranda & Howard.

It was lovely to meet up with Howard & Miranda for their wedding blessing recently. The couple were married a couple of days previous to the celebrations and held the blessing in front of close family and friends at the lovely Loyton Lodge near Tiverton in Devon.

We started off with walking in the beautiful grounds of the lodge for couple shots. With the Spring fully sprung if was really nice to be out under the blue skies and in the warm sunshine. After the couple shoot we did a few group-shots in the court-yard while guests relaxed with drinks and canapes.

The guests all filed into the dining room and watched on as the couple made their promises to each other. After the promises the guests made their way to the marquee for food. It was really nice to be able to capture the celebrations, I hope you enjoyed the rest of the day.

All the best Anthony


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If you are getting married at Loyton Lodge in Devon and would like us to be your wedding photographers, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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