Lewtrenchard Manor Wedding – Suzy & Matt

I was delighted to return to Lewtrenchard Manor for an autumnal wedding.  It was great to meet up and provide wedding photography for Suzy & Matt on their special day.  The day started off very rainy,  but as the day progressed the rain eased and eventually we had a little sunshine.

We started off at Suzy’s parents house in Tavistock for some getting ready shots. Second photographer James headed over to St Peter’s Church to capture Matt with best-man and the guests arriving.  The ceremony was really lovely and was held in front of their family and friends. St Peters Church is right outside the Lewtrenchard grounds, so after the ceremony the wedding party were able to walk down to the venue. We stayed back with Suzy and Matt for some couple shots in the grounds of the church, and in the lovely autumnal gardens of the manor. After a few group shots the wedding party sat down for the wedding breakfast with the toast following afterwards.  The cutting of the cake, decorated with favorite athletic activities, soon followed.  The couple had decided to go for something a little different and instead of the first dance the couple had a kaylee. It was great to see the guests join in and having such fun.

We really enjoyed photographing your special day. Thanks for the food, it looked and tasted lovely.

Talk to you soon.

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If you are getting married at Lewtrenchard Manor in Devon and would like us to be your wedding photographers please do not hesitate to get in touch.





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