Simon & Lisa’s wedding at Lady Margaret’s Medieval Hall in Honiton

It was a real pleasure to be photographer for Simon & Lisa’s Devon wedding recently.  We started off at the Victoria Hotel in Sidmouth where they were getting ready.  It became a bit tense when the cars never turned up to take the wedding party to Honiton for the ceremony, but it did not spoil the day.  The ceremony took place at Lady Margaret’s Medieval Hall a lovely intimate venue in front of their family.  All in all there were 11 people in the wedding party watching the ceremony unfold. There were lots of emotional moments, especially after the signing of the register.

After the ceremony we all stood outside on the lawn under bright skies enjoying the sunshine. After some couple shots and drinks we headed back to the Victoria Hotel in Sidmouth for more celebrations. It was a very enjoyable day and it was soon time to leave and head home.

I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day.

Talk to you soon.

Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-2 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-3 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-4 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-5 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-6 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-7 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-8 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-9 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-10 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-11 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-12 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-13 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-14 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-15 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-16 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-17 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-18 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-19 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-20 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-22 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-23 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-24 Lady_Margarets_Medieval_Hall_in_Honiton_-25


If you are getting married at Lady Margaret’s Medieval Hall in Honiton, Devon and would like us to be your wedding photographers, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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