Dodford Manor Wedding – Josh & Lauren

It was a lovely autumnal day for the wedding of Lauren & Josh in Northamptonshire. The last time we met up was on a very cold February day for an engagement shoot  at Fawsley Park.

We started the day meeting up with Lauren at home for some getting ready shots along with her bridesmaids.  It was really sweet to watch Lauren’s niece applying make-up.  Lauren was pleasantly surprised when a camper-van arrived to take them all to the venue, Dodford Manor.

We also popped over to capture some getting ready shots of Josh at his grandparents house.   Josh, a fireman for Northamptonshire fire & rescue looked very smart in dress uniform.  His groomsmen and work mates were also dressed in the uniform and would be providing the Guard of Honour after the ceremony later on.

The ceremony was held in front of their close family and friends.  After the ceremony we managed to get away for some bride & groom shots. The wedding breakfast followed with the speeches going down well with lots of laughter and some tears.  We had a great time photographing your special day. I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon in Thailand.

Talk to you soon.



If you are thinking about getting married at Dodford Manor in Northamptonshire  and would like a documentary wedding photographer please do not hesitate to contact me


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