Exeter street photography – Peace march.

With the wedding season calming down I am getting more of a chance to get out on the streets with the camera.  I read in the local media that there would be a peace march in the center of Exeter so I took the opportunity to get back behind the camera and reacquaint myself with some street photography come photo-journalism.  Photographing a march is a good way to ease back into this type of photography as the participants expect photographers to be there and do not blink an eye when you point the camera straight at them.  Also this was a peaceful march so I didn’t really think I would be shouted at. A bit of a cop out really. Everybody seemed passive and very friendly and there was an atmosphere of good will.  The speakers were very passionate and received an equal amount back from the demonstrators.  It was really good to see a crowd that large and consisting of all ages come together and oppose an ideology that has no place in today’s society.

I set out to capture some of the passion of the demonstrators and  I really enjoyed mixing in the crowd and capturing some of that emotion.  From a purely photographic view point it was a lot of fun.  I can’t wait to get out there again soon.  There are a few of my favorite images below .


Anthony Lyons_0001 Anthony Lyons_0002 Anthony Lyons_0003 Anthony Lyons_0004 Anthony Lyons_0005 Anthony Lyons_0006 Anthony Lyons_0007 Anthony Lyons_0008 Anthony Lyons_0009 Anthony Lyons_0010Anthony Lyons_0012Anthony Lyons_0015Anthony Lyons_0017





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