Loyton Lodge Wedding – Katie & Sam

It was great to meet up with Katie & Sam for their Devon wedding at St Georges Church in Morebath, followed by a reception at Loyton Lodge near Tiverton. It’s always a pleasure to return to Loyton Lodge, a lovely venue with lots of outdoor space. The weather was bright and  fine with lots of blue sky and plenty of sunshine. I started off capturing some getting ready shots with Katie and her bridesmaids. Katie was looking a little nervous as the ceremony time approached, and it was soon time to meet up with Sam and his two bestmen in their respective uniform.

Katie arrived in a Bentley with her father, and they made their way up the path to the church with her bridesmaids. Katie looked beautiful walking down the aisle with her proud father to the waiting groom. The ceremony was lovely and afterwards we did a few group-shots outside the church, before the couple left in a flashy sport car, headed for the Loyton Lodge.

While the guest were arriving we did some couple shots against the beautiful countryside backdrop, with the springtime blossom in the trees.  We got some more group shots  before making our way to the marquee for afternoon tea. The speeches followed with lots of emotion, and with two best-men, plenty of laughter. The guests relaxed in the marquees listening to the sounds of a string quartet while others relaxed in the grounds of the venue as the afternoon moved on. It was soon time for the cutting of the cake, followed by the first dance. Richards Time Machine got the crowd ready and primed by the time the couple were called in for the first dance. It was great to see the guests join the couple and the party getting into full swing. As always the time to leave came all too soon. I had great time capturing the day, and I hope you had a great honeymoon.

Talk to you soon.


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