North Devon Wedding – Country Ways Cottages – Emily & Richard

Great to meet up with Richard and Emily, and return to Country Ways Cottages in North Devon for their wedding. Country Ways is placed in a beautiful setting with some lovely Devon countryside views. The weather was perfect for the day, although the night before was rainy and pretty unpleasant. Emily arrived at the ceremony with her bridesmaids and a very proud father. The ceremony was beautiful, with Emily’s brother giving an emotional reading. After the ceremony the wedding party enjoyed the open views with nibbles and drinks, and also enjoying a bit of welly wanging and hula hooping. It was also great to see that the wedding was very dog friendly. The french bulldog was very comical with plenty of personality.

It was hilarious but also incredibly helpful to have one of Richards groomsmen help round up the group-shots with the use of a megaphone. Every wedding should have one!!! And again it was used for the speeches. The speeches went really well and finished with the two best-men. It was a fun wedding and it was great to be part of it.

I hope the rest of your day went well and you had a great honeymoon.

Talk to you soon.

All the best


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If you are getting married at Country Ways in North Devon and would like me to be your wedding photographer please do not hesitate to contact me.



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