Wedding at Mount Edgecumbe House – Rachel & Lloyd

I had a great time capturing Rachel & Lloyd’s wedding recently in Plymouth and Cornwall.  The ceremony was held at St Andrews Church right in the city center before moving across the border to Mount Edgecumbe House on Tor-Point in Cornwall.  The weather was forecast to be torrential rain but was quite the opposite, until later in the day. I started off with Rachel for some getting ready shots at home with her bridesmaids, before moving on to St Andrews Church to meet up with Lloyd.  Both Rachel and Lloyd are in the medical profession at Derriford Hospital, and when I met up with Rachel a month or so before the wedding date, Lloyd had not secured the day off! So it was great to see Lloyd there at the church with his groomsmen.

The ceremony was conducted by Lloyd’s grandfather  in front of family & friends. After the ceremony we caught the Tor-Point ferry across the Tamar, and then carried onto Mount Edgecumbe House. On arrival we did some couple shots whilst the guests made their river crossing on foot and by car.  The guests congregated and enjoyed canapes before sitting down to the wedding breakfast in the marquee. The speeches where entertaining with plenty of laughter and some tears. After the cutting of the cake the couple did the first dance, and the party got underway.

Thank you for making me feel welcome,I really enjoyed being wedding photographer for your special day.

For slideshow please follow link Mount Edgecumbe House wedding photography

All the best. Anthony


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If you are getting married at Mount Edgecumbe in Devon and would like us to be your wedding photographers, please do not hesitate to contact me



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